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Anne Macdonald has worked in higher education, law, banking, and for herself, as an IT project manager, a webmaster, a freelance writer and an event planner. DEADLINES ARE MURDER is her first book in the Sam (Samantha) Monroe mystery series. WEDDINGS ARE MURDER, the second in the series, was released in December 2016, and the third, TRIALS ARE MURDER, is anticipated in early 2018. Sam Monroe is the protagonist and her extended family members and friends are featured in each story. Anne currently resides with her husband in a nice, quiet suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.

Writing since the age of ten, her first short story was inspired by her love of history, particularly the American Revolution, her love of a good story and an active imagination. Her love of history led her to a BA and an MA in History. Her unpublished MA Thesis on Asher Benjamin, architect and builder, is held in several libraries around New England. Her active imagination and the love of a good story inspire her novels and short stories. She is working on a biography of her grandfather, a Manhattan Project engineer.

  • A trip to Scotland

    We traveled around the beautiful Isle of Skye, including the Clan Donald Centre and then on to Edinburg for some culture. Back at Glasgow Airport it seemed like we had just left, but it had been nine days.

  • Cast of Characters: Weddings Are Murder

    Weddings Are Murder, and Deadlines Are Murder, have a lot of characters. Hopefully this list will help to keep them straight.

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    Life is fleeting, moving swiftly along through good times and bad; leaving behind memories. . .

  • Star Wars: The first time

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    Looking back on 2014 I realize that it has been a year of many changes for me. As with all changes, some were good, some were expected and some came as a complete surprise. In February of 2014 I left… Read More ›

  • Oil and Milk

    Originally posted on Bob Macdonald Photographs:
    Some of my brother’s photography work. This is with oil and milk. Bob Macdonald Photographs View original post